Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love Notes

LOVE NOTE – The Unspoken Love Series by H.P. Davenport


Dear Tink,

Just a few words to say thanks for being mine…. My partner…my lover…my best friend.

It seems like forever that I longed for a soulmate. I can remember staring at you the moment I realized I had fallen in love with you. My heart began to beat erratically in my chest. It was a “holy shit” moment. You’ve been by my side the entire time. I’ve loved you my entire life and I’ll forever wish we could get back that wasted time. My heart ached when you left and went to college and after you decided to stay in LA, my heart yearned for you to return.

I laugh, thinking of all the crazy things we’ve done together. Especially on your twelfth birthday. I was your first kiss, and I pray to God that I will be your last. I was the first guy you ever seen naked, and I know I will be the last. Who would have known our love for each other was like a flower that continued to be watered over the years and when the time was right, our love blossomed into a beautiful lily.

I’ll catch myself smiling as I’m strumming my guitar, thinking of our childhood and the memories we’ve made. Always know, I cherish everything we’ve been through, whether it be as friends or lovers. My love for you grows every day and I can’t wait to build our future together.

If you ever look over and see me staring, know that it’s because I’m shocked that you’re mine. Your love that holds no conditions or judgments has made me the man I am.

It’s been an amazing journey, on our path to where we are going. I know we are right where we belong. Together…Forever.

Love Always,
Your Jamie

P.S. Let’s make some babies.