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I absolutely LOVED writing this scene... Jamie and Camryn are best friends. Somewhere through the years, lines began to blur. Feelings began to grow, but neither one has the courage to take the next step for fearing the other dåoesn't feel the same. But what happens when one of them does take the next step? Will the feelings be reciprocated?

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When I open the bathroom door, I hear his voice. Shit… Jamie is here, what the hell? It’s only ten o’clock, why is he here already? This day cannot get any worse. I grip the towel tighter and try to sneak out of the bathroom without being noticed. I fail miserably, because Jamie spots me immediately.
“Don’t think I don’t see you. You and I need to talk. Like now,”
Jamie says, his eyes scowling and pleading at the same time.
“There isn’t anything to talk about, Jamie.” He and I stare at each other and I pull my towel tighter around my chest, suddenly feeling self-conscious and exposed.
I can tell he is pissed. “Like hell there isn’t.” He looks back at my brother sitting on the couch, “Give me a few minutes, I need to talk to your sister.”
I ignore him and continue to walk into Christian’s bedroom and slam the door.
I hear my brother say, “Go for it, Bro. I think you are going to need more than a few minutes. I’ll get the coffee brewing and start breakfast. Breakfast should be done by the time you finish getting through that thick head of hers.”
Jamie barges in the room, shuts the door behind him.
I am beyond pissed now. My head feels like it is going to explode and I do not want to have this conversation with him. I take a deep breath and when I turn around, Jamie is chest to chest with me.
“You need to hear me out. What happened last night was a mistake.” His voice is firm and final.
A gasp leaves my throat involuntarily. I push against his chest and he takes a step back. I need space to breathe. I can’t have him this close to me. Not today, not after last night, not after he just said last night was a mistake.
“You’re goddamn right it was.” I turn around and walk over to my duffle bag on the bed. I need to get dressed and get the hell away from him. I am trying to find a pair of yoga pants and a tank top when Jamie comes up behind me. He puts his arms around my waist, pulling my body against his chest. I struggle to pull away, but he just holds me tighter.
“Calm down, Cami. I didn’t mean it like that. You’re only hearing what you want to hear.”
I take a deep breath and let it out. I repeat this action several times, trying to calm myself down before I lose my shit. My head is throbbing, my heart is racing. His tight hold only pisses me off even more.
“LET. ME. GO. NOW!” I demand through gritted teeth. Trying to get out of his hold, I twist and turn, attempting to loosen the death grip that he has on me. This just infuriates him more, causing him to pull me against his chest again.
“Are you done acting like an ass?”
I close my eyes and continue to take deep breaths to calm down. I mutter to myself, “Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.”
Maybe I should try a different route. I am still naked and this should buy me some time.
“Can you please get out? I need to get dressed. I’m naked under
this towel, in case you haven’t noticed.” I grab my towel by my left breast to keep it secure around my body.
“Oh, trust me, I’ve noticed you’re only in a towel. It’s driving me fucking crazy. But I’m not leaving until you hear me out,” Jamie says firmly.
© UNSPOKEN WORDS by H.P. Davenport

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